Magento Ecommerce, “Please Wait”… and Wait… and Wait

By Jon Saints - 01 Sep 2009

I installed Magento on a dedicated server with 2 Xeon processors and 4 GB of RAM. Often when adding products, editing them, or choosing a category in the admin Magento takes 5-10minutes to complete the Save operation. A “Please Wait” modal dialog appears for long periods of time while Magento is thinking. The operation always completes without error, but It often takes 5-10 minutes just to save a simple product. I [asked for a solution in the Magento Forums]( and found one… Following the the instructions in the DYI tuning section here I installed each optimization individually to see which made the difference. I found the following: - Apache KeepAlives enabled. This seems to help the category selection pages load much much faster. - Modify the configuration for your MySQL server. No noticeable gain on performance. Products still take 5 minutes to save. - APC or XCache. This one fixed the problem. Installing xcache seems to have fixed the problem. Products now save in about 2 seconds. Edit on November 15th, 2009: I found this in the Magento System Reqs: “Memory_limit no less than 256Mb (preferably 512)” Also please see: 1. 1.

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