How to Watch the Movie Food Inc. (and not loose your appetite)

By Jon Saints - 23 Sep 2010

The movie Food Inc. is a startling look into food production and consumption in America. It exposes the harm in our factory farming, mass production, and blind consumption. I appreciate the movie for being much more than a big corporation conspiracy theory. It criticizes consumers just as much for our ignorance an apathy towards how our food is produced.

I enjoyed the movie and I highly recommend you watch it. The only challenge in watching is wondering what you can possibly eat afterwards. And so, I present to you a solution… how to watch Food Inc. without loosing your appetite:

  1. Appetizer: start with a taste of Food Rules: an Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan
  2. Main Course: watch a healthy portion of Food Inc.
  3. Dessert: finish everything off with videos from “How I Fell in Love with a Fish” and ”Why I am a Weekday Vegetarian“

Food Inc. offers a great website with positive steps you can take. The two Ted videos above will leave you inspired and hungry.

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