UPDATED - Best Internet Service Options in Malawi

By Jon Saints - 02 Nov 2013

I am often asked about the best options for internet service in Malawi. Since we no longer live there, I asked some friends. Here is what I found:

For home service budget about $60/Month so long as you do not plan to download too much. Plan on reading your email offline via an IMAP client.

Your main guys for internet service are

  • Skyband
  • MTL
  • Airtel (mobile phone company)
  • TNM (Mobile phone company)
  • Access (Mobile phone Company)

All have dongles for laptops which I believe are Windows only. Someone will need to verify this and let me know. The first three also have wireless ADSL for the home etc… From most you get monthly unlimited or you buy bundles from 20 MB to Several GB and they expire daily or monthly etc.

The issue is the signal strength. I tell people that they should try other people’s first to see which has the best signal strength for their location.

My friend uses airtel and Burco access dongles because often one has complications and the other can be used for back up.

Another friend uses a Samsung 3 Smartphone. He is using this with Airtel and also tethering with his lap top. The speed is very fast.

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