Lucas Clay Saints

By Jon Saints - 12 May 2015

On Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 9:19pm we welcomed our second baby boy into the family. Lucas Clay Saints was born in the water at the Birth Center of Boulder to a happy healthy Mom and an excited Dad. He was born after nearly two weeks of cloudy spring rains, capped off by a May snow storm on the Eve of Mother’s Day.

As the second-born, baby Luca joins our family mid-stream, representing new growth and bringing us new love, new perspective and new joy. The name Lucas means bearer of light, light giving or illumination. Our home and our hearts are already filled with new light.

His middle name, Clay, is a shout-out to art and to creation. It’s inspired by his mother and the deep colorful way that she lives. It is a reference to vibrant colors of clay we have seen in our travels around the world. It is a reminder of our roots in the dust and clay, our connection to the earth and our God that created it all. That life was blown into all of us as a gift. You are dust and to dust you shall return, but your spirit endures forever. By giving the name Clay, we hope it grounds him in the knowledge that he is shaped by Potters hands, and that he can be a channel for this source of creativity bringing beauty into this world.

We cherish the bond that Rio and Luca will build as brothers. Rio is already such a sweet, proud, big brother to baby Luca.

The birth experience with Luca was quite different from Rio. The labor was swift and intense lasting only 5 hours. We rushed to the Birth Center in Boulder as soon as Marissa noticed her first contractions. They were already close together and getting stronger by the minute. While Rio’s birth was private and personal, Luca’s birth can best be described as a party. The birth was attended by his three Grandmas, our good family friend Cinda, big brother Rio, our wonderful friend and doula Lara, the midwife and nurse. Plus, as a bonus, Grandpa and Uncle Andrew were eagerly waiting and entertaining Rio just outside the birthing room.

We are astounded already by the immense capacity of the heart to love and expand as our family grows. Welcome to the Saints family, precious Luca.

Love Jon and Marissa

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