About our travels

Malawi is a country of about 12 million people located in east Africa just south of the equator (Map). It is a former British colony, independent since 1963 which became a democracy since 1994. Malawi's geography is dominated by beautiful Lake Malawi which borders the entire east cost of the country. The lake is one of the world's richest bodies of fresh water in terms of diversity of life that it supports. Because of its peaceful history and friendly people, Malawi is often called “The warm heart of Africa”.

We will be living in a town called Mzuzu in northern Malawi working at the Univeristy of Malawi-Mzuzu campus.

People often ask how we became interested in working in Malawi. We did not close our eyes, point a finger at the globe, and choose Malawi. Malawi chose us, as the future so often does (for more information see All the names by Jose Saramago). When Jon was at the University of Arizona he stumbled upon two separate projects based in Malawi that had been on going at the univeristy for some time. Through involvement with the professors in charge of these projects, Jon's interest and knowledge of Malawi grew.

This year we travel...

This year we are traveling to Malawi on a US student Fulbright research grant that Jon received to continue work on a University of Arizona project known as the Broadband for Development initiative. Jon's proposal is to create a report detailing the most efficient ways a new internet connection at the university in Mzuzu can be used as an academic and economic resource.

Marissa, a talented artist, is excited to soak up inspiration for her artowork while in Malawi. You wil find updated photos of her artwork here on the website. She also hopes to work with local artists and volunteer on micro-credit/micro-finance projects with local non-governmental organizations in Mzuzu.