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Alternative to Backyard Landfills

If backyard landfills won't do it...

This will.


Art Explains the Beauty of Africa

One of the joys of being married to an artist, is that my artist accentuates life in her paintings and shows me things I never would have noticed on my own. If any of you out there are not yet married, I highly recommend that you look into finding yourself an artist as well.

Last month Marissa and I took a long 24 hour train ride across the whole of Tanzania. As we watched the plains and mountains and villages of Africa pass by for hours, we were asking ourselves things like: “Why does this land seem so beautiful?” and “Why is it that I feel like I could stare at this countryside for hours on end and never become tired of it?”


Go Cats!! (or Super Toilets)

Its amazing but two of our best friends here in Malawi are graduates of the University of Arizona also!! As if Cheri Blauwet were not proof enough that Arizona Wildcats are taking over the world... :)

Our good friends have been living in Malawi for about 20 years now working in health and water/sanitation issues. We were over at their house the other night for dinner and had a fascinating conversation about toilets that I wanted to share with everyone. Yes I said toilets... enough talk about computers and the internet for the moment... lets get serious for a moment folks and talk about toilets.