Keeping Many Debian Machines Updated

There are an increasing number of Ubuntu Linux machines on the Mzuzu University campus network (DHCP, squid, iptables, email, web, and some desktops). As you all know, keeping both Windows and Linux machines up-to-date with security updates can be very bandwidth intensive. Because our 256 kb/s connection is used heavily during the day we are trying to schedule all security updates to run once at night and then have all of our client machines connect to the local repository during the day for their security updates so as not to use bandwidth while students and professors are trying to connect online.

Ubuntu Linux 6.06 has landed in Northern Malawi

Just wanted to let my other Linux loving friends in Malawi know that we have successfully downloaded a copy of the newest version of Ubuntu Linux here at the University. We are installing it in a few of the computer labs.

We are happy to make copies of the disk for anyone in Northern Malawi who, for bandwidth reasons, might not be able to download this new version (700MB). Please bring (or send) us a blank CDR to Mzuzu University. If you want to send 150MK and have me buy a blank CDR that is ok too (arrange by email first).

Use the

Recovering Deleted files with Linux and Sleuthkit

Ever accidentally delete a file you really needed from the recycle bin? Ever format a disk and install a new operating system only to find later that you forgot to save off some really important files first? The former recently happened to us here at the Univeristy in Mzuzu... we thought doom was upon us until we stumbled upon a open (free to change, use, and distribute) software utility called Sleuthkit (

When we realized our disaster, we started searching Google for "data recovery", "recover my files", etc. Listings appeared for companies charging hundreds of dollars for data recovery services and software. We tried some of the trial versions of the commercial software, but nothing was able to detect our files. Finally one of us here in the office in Mzuzu stumbled upon Sleuthkit, an amazing utility that was able to recover out deleted files from a formatted disk and didn't cost us a penny!